more ankle mobility without losing stability and control. patent pending technology.

The FW Flex Hockey lace, is the first of its kind, allowing for complete forward flexion without compromising stability.
Many of the NHL elite—including Connor McDavid, Matt Barzal, Johnny Gaudreau, and Jack Eichel— do not lace their top eyelet in order to gain the requisite ankle mobility needed for skating.
The FW Flex solves this issue, providing support without sacrificing mobility.

Built for skaters of any level, the FW Flex is effortlessly installed in a matter of minutes.
The patented clasp technology easily screws into place and holds firm against the rigors of hockey.

With varying resistance band options, the FW Flex is ideal for skaters of any weight and style, and, with a classic, minimalist appearance, the lace blends seamlessly with your skate.
If an increase in support and mobility is not enough, the lace is also ideal for those suffering from lace bite, as it relieves pressure on the ankle and top of the foot. The lace can be placed on any portion of the skate, allowing for customization and tailor-made relief to any foot. Durable and innovative, the revolutionary FW Flex is the next big revelation in the game of hockey.

installation process

Installation takes only a few minutes, please refer to video below. You will need a pair of
scissors to cut afters knots have been created.

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